Spinning Capital Machineries

SSM-XENO-AC - Air covering machine
  Technical Data SSM XENO - AC
  Types of Winding DIGICONE® or precision
  Mechanical Speed Up to 2000 m/min (Process speed depending on process parameters)
  Packages Shape Freely programmable
  Take-up tubes 100....250 mm infinitely variable
  Traverse Length 25.....270 mm electronically adjustable
  Take-up package diameter Up to 300 mm
  Package Weight Up to 10 kgs
Supply package diameter
- on outboard creel

1-ply: up to 300 mm; 2-ply or 1-ply + reserve: up to 240 mm; 3-ply: up to 200 mm upon request

  Yarns filament yarns, Elastane
  Count 22…3300 dtex
  Take-up tubes Cylindrical
  Layout / N° of spindles per section single-sided / 5
  No. of spindles min./ max. 5 / 80
  Gauge 440 mm
  Drive Individually controlled electronic single drives
  Installed Power / Power consumption ~ 500 W per spindle / ~180…250 W per spindle
Compressed air / Process air requirement and connections

All external installations are the responsibility of the customer: one air connection for up to 30 spindles / two air connections for up to 60 spindles / three air connections for up to 80 spindles


Required air-pressure

Machine operation: 6 bar / intermingling jet: up to 6 bar

  Process air consumption

Depending on jet type and process parameters, according to indications of jet manufacturer